Tuesday, October 29, 2013


After the leaves are gone, before the snow has come. it is that time.

The garden is done. the apples have been picked. just a few leaves still cling to their twigs. it is no-longer-fall.

But we are still processing our garden produce. drying, cutting, canning, pickling, freezing. applesauce, apple butter, dried apples, and pickled everything. it is not-quite-winter.

So, I guess this is a goodbye fall post, even thought I never had a hello fall post, or even a goodbye summer post.

Storing up. planting a garden for winter. the end of summer saw me planting seeds for the bleak, frigid winter. because in the northern winters,not a plant lives, except for the evergreens. as nice as the pines, firs, and spruces are, they're not much for company. I want flowers! so this year, I thought ahead. I have planted morning glories, marigolds, sunflowers, aloe vera, some vine-like thing, and some herbs in an east-facing window. my beloved morning glories should be blooming in January and Febuary, so I shan't be lonely then.

Although I find this time of year is a bit dull, there are things that I love about it: invigorating walks, ditching the saddle and riding bareback, drinking more tea... and the garb! scarves, boots, jackets over sweaters, wool everything, knitted caps, slouchy hats, berets, and those finger-less glove thingies (what are those called, anyway?). and another thing: I feel more inspired. more creative. more in the mood for art and crafts. it feels good.

And then there is this other feeling that i get. it is almost like nostalgia, but what is there to feel nostalgic about? maybe summer. or maybe it is the anticipation of winter. probably both, but still loving the moment.
it isn't  want. sometimes I feel so content that I feel discontent. sometimes things feel so perfect that they feel imperfect.

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